19.12.18: St.Pölten, Landestheater NÖ
Liliom – Wir machen Musik.



Austrian World Music Award 2006
AMADEUS Austrian Music Award 2009 (Jazz, World, Blues)

Klemens Lendl: Violin, Vocals
David Müller: Guitar, Vocals

The band “Die Strottern” has become a trade mark in the young Viennese music scene. In old Viennese dialect, a Strotter is a tinker. Our Strottern are two young men from Vienna who travel the roads looking for old songs and dance tunes that fell by the wayside and writing new ones as they go. Their bedrock is Wienerlieder, literally, “Viennese songs” and also a uniquely Austrian song genre that is famous all over the world. What is forgotten too frequently, is that the Wienerlieder genre is still evolving. The Strottern are the winners of the Austrian World Music Award 2006 and the AMADEUS Austrian Music Award 2009.

About the Wienerlied: The Wienerlied – or Viennese Song – developed in a melting pot of nations endowing it with a vast range of musical influences. The lyrics are all about living in a big city and how the people in Vienna cope with the daily grind, sometimes with humour and melancholy, sometimes with irony and sometimes with all kinds of substances that knock you out, first of all the good Austrian wine.

Performing: Strottern-Concerts are always a charming and remarkable experience for their audience. Employing intelligent and humorous linkmanship throughout their concerts, they manage to bypass language barriers and to uncover cultural similarities – be it in Africa, India, Canada, Germany or elsewhere. See them once and you´ll want to see them again.

Die Strottern played concerts in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Poland, Hungary, India, Lesotho, South Africa, Glatt & Verkehrt Krems 2005, Klangkosmos Weltkultur NRW 2006, Seelax Bregenz 2006, Domicil Dortmund/ WDR3, TFF Rudolstadt 2007, Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2007, Summertimeblues Gamlitz, Volkstheater Wien 2008, Folk im Schloß 2008, Festival Allegro Vivo 2010, Carinthischer Sommer 2010, Rheingau Festival 2011, Alpentöne 2011 (CH), …

TV & Cinema:
“Herzausreisser” (2008, Movie about “New Wienerlieder”, 85 min.)
“Lieblings Lied trifft Wiener Schmäh” (2006, Bayrischer Rundfunk, TV-Portrait, 40 min.)
several appearances and portraits in Austrian and German Televison (ORF, ATV, WDR, BR, MDR, SR, …)

“Das größte Glück” (2010, Cracked Anegg / Lotus)
“Elegant” (2009, Jazzwerkstatt Records)
“I gabat ois” (2008, Cracked Anegg / Lotus)
“Zidane” (2006, nonfood factory / Extraplatte) Mini-CD
“Live, glatt und verkehrt” (2006, nonfood factory / Extraplatte)
“mea ois gean” (2003, Preiser Records)
“Wien bleibt Wien” (1998, Capriccio / Delta Music)



"schau di an"
(cracked anegg)
"waunsd woadsd"
(cracked anegg)
"Wo fangts an"
(cracked anegg/JWR)
"mea ois gean / wean du schlofst" 2CD
(cracked anegg)
"wia tanzn is"
(cracked anegg)
“Das größte Glück”
(cracked anegg)
(Jazzwerkstatt Records)
"I gabat ois"
(cracked anegg)
(nonfood factory)
“Live, glatt und verkehrt”
(nonfood factory/ORF)
"Die Weihnachtsgeister"
(Annette Betz)


Die Strottern & Blech
“Himmel und Hölle” mit Christoph Bochdansky
“Im Blut” mit Christoph Bochdansky
Die Strottern & JazzWerkstatt Wien
Die Strottern & Peter Ahorner
Die Strottern & Ensemble Mikado
Die Blumengeschichte
Oh, du lieber Augustin
Die Weihnachtsgeister

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